EZ Trac Hydraulic AWD System

Engage EZ Trac™ Hydraulic AWD, and give your delivery truck, material hauler, utility truck or emergency vehicle the control and traction you need to go from on-highway to off-road with the flick of a switch. EZ Trac™ is an auxiliary hydraulic drive system that seamlessly installs in place of your front steering axle, and is easily activated with a cab-mounted switch. Traveling off-road, EZ Trac™ is available on-demand, for additional traction and mobility. Back on-road, it's easily switched off for high-speed freewheeling. Using EZ Trac™ will immediately increase your vehicle's driveability, range, and safety! EZ Trac™ lets you reduce fuel consumption, lower your vehicle center of gravity, and engage and disengage on the go. Click the PDF on the right for Ford Applications.

From utility trucks to emergency vehicles, EZ Trac™ is designed to give you the drivability and confidence you need to get the job done when you have to go off road. EZ Trac™ allows you to cost-efficiently upgrade to on-demand all-wheel drive without the need to add drive lines, transfer cases or raise chassis height. EZ Trac™ is the first commercially available, steerable hydraulic drive assist system to simplify and overcome traction and mobility issues without sacrificing ride quality, safety and control.

EZ Trac Hydraulic AWD System
EZ Trac™ is the hydraulic all wheel drive system intended for severe service medium and heavy duty trucks. The design allows trucks to handle steep inclines, muddy and slippery conditions and unstable roads while maintaining its original factory OEM ride height thus providing additional safety and ease of use due to this lower center of gravity.

EZ Trac™ installs on the front steering axle and is activated by a cab-mounted switch when a driver needs additional traction and mobility. The system uses “simple hydraulic technology” and weighs hundreds of pounds less and is easier to service than conventional front wheel drive systems. Once the truck is back on the pavement or weather conditions improve, EZ Trac™ can be easily switched off for normal freewheeling operation. The system can be set to automatically disengage above 20 mph and engage when rear wheels lose traction.
EZ Trac Features:
  • Replaces front steering axle of vehicle; activated with switch
  • Compact Poclain motor mounted into a specially designed hub and spindle assembly provides torque to wheels
  • No issues with crankcase interference; truck body does not need to be raised
  • Motors powered by a closed loop variable displacement pump driven off PTO
  • CAN link controller matches speed of the front wheels to rear
  • Axles can be operated independently for smooth, low-speed operation

EZ Trac Specifications:

  • Hydraulic Package: reservoir, oil filtration, cooling fan, control valve
  • Cab-mounted switch to engage and disengage on the go
  • PTO mounted to transmission to power pump (MAX 6,000 psi)
  • No transfer case required
  • 800 to 1000 pounds lighter than traditional AWD systems

Benefits of EZ Trac:

  • Maintains the existing factory OEM ride height
  • Maintains or improves factory turning radius
  • Lightweight design allows for less fuel consumption
  • No windage loss freewheel mode/disengaged
  • Maintains ground clearance
  • Can be installed on NEW & USED Trucks
  • Costs are lower than you think!

Flexibility of EZ Trac:

  • Installed quickly to reduce downtime
  • Installation and operation doesn't put extra stress on existing engine components
  • Highly qualified in-house TDS Drive engineers can tackle any project
  • Can be retrofitted

Dependability of EZ Trac:

  • Off-road driving without getting stuck
  • Improved clearance for load or truck mounted cranes and equipment
  • No transfer cases
EZ Trac Hydraulic AWD Disc Brakes EZ Trac Hydraulic AWD CAD
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