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The Aerocell Transit makes for a beautiful, fuel efficient and quiet vehicle that is also tough, functional and versatile — suitable for many applications. Startracks Trucks alongside Unicell in combination with the Ford's dealer network, reveals Unicell's brand new Aerocell van body for the 2015 Transit cutaway chassis. The Ford Transit Aerocell is engineered not only to work hard but to work smart! The combination allows for cost savings by providing an adequate work space, fuel saving, and enhanced payload. The Aerocell esthetically and functionally enhances the Ford Transit cutaway van, creating a sleek look along with a shape that allows smooth, quiet air flow. Available in 2 & 4 wheel drive configurations.

Ford Aerocell Transit Van Body
Standard Equipment
• One piece fiberglass outer shell
• Glossy white gel coat exterior finish
• Rub rail
• Fiberglass rear doorframe with steel sill protection
• Translucent, leakproof skylight
• LED ceiling light with rear timer switch
• 3/8" full height plywood lining
• Premium quality roll-up rear door

• Non-slip galvanized steel rear step bumper
• Two rear grab handles
• Pine floor
• Galvanized steel under structure
• Weatherproof wiring system
• LED exterior lights
• 5-Year Limited Warranty

Optional Equipment
• Sliding access door in bulkhead wall
• Swing-out rear and side doors
• Laminated hardwood, plastic or metal floors
• Wheelboxes for low floor height
• Cargo control systems
• Walkramps
• Insulation
• Scuffplates
• & More
Ford Aerocell Transit Ford Aerocell Transit Ford Aerocell Transit Ford Aerocell Transit
Ford Aerocell Transit Ford Aerocell Transit Ford Aerocell Transit Ford Aerocell Transit

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